Here are some common questions and answers. If you do not see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us and we will get right back to you.

How much does it cost?2023-04-26T10:01:38-04:00

Standard Registration tee times start at $79.99 per person. Prices can vary depending on the location you are inquiring about and time of your tee time.

How much Walking is involved?2019-02-20T14:17:30-05:00

Players will be hitting tee shots from multiple levels within each stadium so be prepared to do some walking. Our courses will give the players the unique chance to experience and view each stadium in a way that is unavailable on your average game day!

Will there be Food?2019-02-20T14:17:07-05:00

Food options will depend on the time of day (breakfast/lunch/dinner), and the unique options available through the stadium hosting the event. We will do our best to make sure a variety including vegetarian options are available.

Are Kids Allowed?2024-05-22T17:30:29-04:00

All ages are welcome at *most* Upper Deck Golf Events. However, there are certain stadiums where age restrictions apply.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian as the event waiver needs to be signed by a parent/guardian upon entrance to the venue. For children under 8 years old, please make sure to contact our customer service team to verify the age minimum for the event prior to purchasing tickets. Only individuals with a reserved tee time will be permitted into the stadium.

Are Spectators allowed?2019-02-20T14:16:13-05:00

Only individuals with a reserved tee time will be permitted into the stadium. No spectator tickets will be sold.

How do I keep score?2019-01-22T10:00:08-05:00

You will be provided a scorecard when you start your round. Upper Deck Golf is a 9-hole course. Each hole shots landing on the designated green will result in a par; off the green is a bogie; within the inner circle around the pin is a birdie; and a lucky few may even score a hole-in-one!

What do I need to pick up my tickets?2019-02-21T09:30:41-05:00

The person playing will need a copy of the confirmation email in order to check-in themselves and/or their group. Don’t worry, we will send you another copy of your confirmation email the week of the event!

The forecast says rain! Will the event be postponed?2019-01-22T10:07:21-05:00

Our events are rain or shine- the event will not be cancelled or postponed for weather reasons. We’ll be using our positive thoughts to keep the bad weather away, but if it happens just know we will still be there hosting the event

Do I need to bring my own clubs?2024-06-12T16:24:21-04:00

Rules and use of outside clubs varies by stadium, please refer to each events website page for rules on outside clubs. For stadiums that allow outside clubs, you’re welcome to bring your own clubs but it is not necessary as standard clubs (including left handed) will be available for players to use at each tee box. Please keep in mind that SW, PW, 9 Iron, 8 Iron are the only clubs allowed inside the stadium. No Drivers, Fairway Metals or Low Irons will be allowed within the stadium for safety purposes. If you choose to bring your own clubs, please keep in mind that lockers will not be available.

Are Golf Bags Allowed?2023-05-16T13:02:36-04:00

Golf Bags are not allowed. Please  do not  bring your golf bag, if you’re bringing your own clubs please carry them individually -or- you can use the complimentary clubs provided at each hole.

Is there a dress code?2023-05-16T13:03:07-04:00

There is not a dress code, we just ask that you wear appropriate attire to be able to swing your clubs without being of danger to yourself or those around you.

When should I arrive at the stadium?2023-07-10T22:47:07-04:00

We recommend arriving to the event 45-60 minutes before your tee time. This will make sure you have plenty of time to check-in and pick-up your tickets. Once you have checked-in, an Upper Deck Staff member will escort you to your tee-box so you can start your round of golf

What is Upper Deck Golfing?2019-01-22T09:52:05-05:00

Upper Deck Golf is a once in a lifetime golfing experience inside some of the most legendary stadiums and ballparks across the country. During your Upper Deck round of golf, you will be able to hit tee shots from the upper deck around the stadium down to the custom greens on the field below

How long does a round of golf take?2019-01-22T09:52:30-05:00

A typical round of golf will take around 90 minutes. However, you’ll start and end your round at the clubhouse festival – so you are welcome to stay and enjoy the great music, cold beers, food and multiple golfing challenges with your friends or family

How does it work?2023-07-10T22:48:35-04:00

Players will complete a 9-hole round of golf around the Upper Deck of the stadium. Each player will receive their balls and a scorecard so they can record their score at each stop around the stadium. Shots landing on the designated green will result in a par; off the green is a bogie; within the inner circle around the pin is a birdie; and a lucky few may even score a hole-in-one!

How many balls do I get on each hole?2019-01-22T09:53:13-05:00

With standard registration, each player will receive 18 balls (or 2 per hole). If you choose VIP registration, you will have an enhanced experience and receive 22 balls (2 per hole with 4 mulligans).

How to Register?2019-03-18T10:33:56-04:00

Registration is available on our website HERE. Select your location and then click Book Tee Time

How to sign up for the Putting or Chipping Skills Challenges?2019-01-22T09:54:29-05:00

During registration, you will see an option to sign up for the Putting or Chipping Skills challenges. If you sign up for one of these options, you will be able to participate in the challenge when your have finished your round inside the Clubhouse Festival.

What does Standard Registration Include?2019-01-22T09:55:01-05:00

Your standard registration package comes complete with your once in a lifetime 9 hole golf experience with unique access inside an iconic sports venue, 18 golf balls to play your round (2 per hole), and access to the clubhouse bar and festival with fun putting and chipping challenges where winners are eligible for special prizes!

What does VIP Registration include?2019-01-22T10:09:30-05:00

Your VIP registration package comes complete with everything included in the standard package, plus 4 extra “mulligan” balls per round, 1 free entry each to the putting and chipping challenges, included food and beverages in our clubhouse bar and festival area.

How do I upgrade to VIP?2019-01-22T09:56:08-05:00

During registration, you will have the option to purchase the VIP Upgrade package. There are limited VIP options available, so don’t miss out! If you did not select the VIP option during the registration process, there will be an opportunity to add the option onsite at the event (if available)

What if I have a group of 3 or 5?2019-01-22T09:57:10-05:00

For logistical reasons, tickets are only sold in multiples of 2. If you have a group of 3, you will want to purchase 4 tickets for the event and then roundup another friend or family member to attend the event with you!

What if I can’t make my tee time?2019-01-22T09:57:43-05:00

All ticket sales are non-transferable and non-refundable. So, please make sure you are registering for a tee time that you will be able to attend

What if I am late for my tee time?2019-01-22T10:06:01-05:00

We have very limited time and availability with the stadium, so unfortunately if you miss your tee time the fun continues without you.



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