How do I keep score?

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You will be provided a scorecard when you start your round. Upper Deck Golf is a 9-hole course. Each hole shots landing on the designated green will result in a par; off the green is a bogie; within the inner circle around the pin is a birdie; and a lucky few may even score a hole-in-one!

Do I need to bring my own clubs?

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Rules and use of outside clubs varies by stadium, please refer to each events website page for rules on outside clubs. For stadiums that allow outside clubs, you're welcome to bring your own clubs but it is not necessary as standard clubs (including left handed) will be available for players to use at each tee box. [...]

Are Golf Bags Allowed?

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Golf Bags are not allowed. Please  do not  bring your golf bag, if you're bringing your own clubs please carry them individually -or- you can use the complimentary clubs provided at each hole.

Is there a dress code?

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There is not a dress code, we just ask that you wear appropriate attire to be able to swing your clubs without being of danger to yourself or those around you.

When should I arrive at the stadium?

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We recommend arriving to the event 45-60 minutes before your tee time. This will make sure you have plenty of time to check-in and pick-up your tickets. Once you have checked-in, an Upper Deck Staff member will escort you to your tee-box so you can start your round of golf

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