What is Upper Deck Golfing?

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Upper Deck Golf is a once in a lifetime golfing experience inside some of the most legendary stadiums and ballparks across the country. During your Upper Deck round of golf, you will be able to hit tee shots from the upper deck around the stadium down to the custom greens on the field below

How long does a round of golf take?

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A typical round of golf will take around 90 minutes. However, you’ll start and end your round at the clubhouse festival – so you are welcome to stay and enjoy the great music, cold beers, food and multiple golfing challenges with your friends or family

How does it work?

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Players will complete a 9-hole round of golf around the Upper Deck of the stadium. Each player will receive their balls and a scorecard so they can record their score at each stop around the stadium. Shots landing on the designated green will result in a par; off the green is a bogie; within the inner [...]

How many balls do I get on each hole?

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With standard registration, each player will receive 18 balls (or 2 per hole). If you choose VIP registration, you will have an enhanced experience and receive 22 balls (2 per hole with 4 mulligans).

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